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  • Service desk software for service and support teams

Product support

Offer your customers support through an access point for all your products. Integrate with your ERP and CRM system and inform you at any time about the current processing status of a ticket.

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Complaint management

Manage the complete complaint process with the connection of your ERP and CRM. Identify problematic products and customers and optimize your processes.

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Knowledge Base

Offer your customers the chance to help themselves with a knowledge database. Manage information about your products in multiple languages. Differentiate between product variants and product versions.

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Product support via customer portal

Integrate an access point into your existing website through which:

  • Your customers can present their concerns in one place
  • Your customers are automatically informed about the receipt and the processing status
  • You can be involved in everything from first level support to product management and development
  • Your customers receive information about the products they have purchased
  • You can control the entire workflow up to the dispatch of a spare part for complaints
  • You can identify problematic products and customers based on key figures

Knowledge Base und FAQs

Many customers like to help themselves. With the customer portal, you can:

  • Make your customers' information about your products structured, multilingual, and easily searchable
  • Improve your documentation with the help of customer feedback and thus reduce the support effort
  • Integrate your existing documentation infrastructure and make parts of it available to your customers
  • Support product variants and product versions without duplicating identical content

Complaint management

Integrate your complaint management into Allegra.

  • Connect your ERP system and your product database with Allegra
  • Manage the complete complaint workflow from the receipt of the complaint to the dispatch of a spare part
  • Increase the satisfaction of your customers through transparency regarding the processing status of their complaints
  • Identify frequent complaints and support-intensive products based on key figures

ITIL-compliant service management

Design your service processes according to the ITIL model. Use the various configuration options:

  • Distinguish between tickets, incidents, and problems
  • Assign operations to specific agents based on keywords in the customer’s email
  • Store SLAs with automatic escalations
  • Split a customer ticket into several internal tickets
  • Close issues with unanswered queries

Escalate if necessary

If a request was not processed in time, you can have it automatically escalated. For example, a manager can be informed or the request can be reassigned.

You can also send an email and notify the customer of the delay. Or you automatically close inquiries that have been lying around unprocessed for too long. It depends on you.


Proof of performance for your customers

Let your customers know what you did for them.

  • Build trust through a transparent process
  • Create beautiful and informative reports that make your performance transparent
  • Record the effort involved in processing a ticket
  • Differentiate expenses with booking accounts and cost centers
  • Create monthly statements for each customer

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Simple project management software


Use the many report templates in Allegra to create reports quickly and easily. This gives you a quick overview of where your projects are, how your employees and you are progressing, and where there are bottlenecks, budget overruns or scheduling problems