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Extensions Downloads

On this page you can find software and plugins that integrate your Allegra into other environments (eg with Gitlab, Jenkins, Eclipse) or add new features (eg Singel Sign On, wiki).

Gantt chart printing function

To print Gantt charts, you need to install Imagemagick and PhantomJS on your server. The Windows installer helps you, or you download the packages separately from here.

ImageMagick 6.9.1 for Windows

PhantomJS for Windows

For Debian-based systems use:

 apt-get install imagemagick 
apt-get install phantomjs

Single Sign On Server

With this package, you can instantly implement a complete single sign-on solution   with password recovery and optional self-registration. The user management is done through Allegra.

Download Allegra CAS Single Sign On Server

Allegra CAS Single Sign On Server documentation

Allegra portal

The portal adds extra links to the Allegra Perspective menu at the top left. So you can switch directly in Allegra to another application like Gitlab or Jenkins. In connection with the SSO solution, you do not even have to log in anymore.

Download portal plugin

GitLab integration

To integrate Gitlab with Allegra you do not need any additional packages (except GitLab itself). The integration works best if you have an SSO server installed. With our CAS-based SSO server you have to bring a small patch in Gitlab. To do this change the line in the file /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails/app/controllers/application_controller.rb

 headers ['X-Frame-Options'] = 'DENY' 


 headers ['X-Frame-Options'] = 'ALLOW-FROM https: //www.your Allegra' 


Wiki LaTeX export

You can use the wiki to create beautiful PDF documents based on templates. For this you need to install LaTeX on your server. For Windows servers, we recommend MikTeX ( ).

For Ubuntu / Debian we recommend

 apt-get install texlive-full 

Wiki formula set

This plugin expands the wiki's ability to set formulas.

Download Wiki LaTeX Formular 7.4.0  plugin

Outlook Plug-In

This plugin has to be installed on every Outlook client. With it you can create items in Allegra by dragging e-mails from Outlook to the Allegra Navigator.

Download Outlook-Plugin 64-Bit

Download Outlook-Plugin 32-Bit

Jenkins Integration