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Plan and link

With the help of the Gantt diagram, you can easily create your project plans. You can take account of task dependencies.

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Detect deviations early

You can always compare the current plan with the original baseline, so you can see immediately where something has moved.


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Make optimal use of resources

The resource diagram shows you where there is still air and where it is tight, so you'll use your resources optimally.

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From task to project management

Clearly differentiate between predictable and non-predictable tasks. An essential part of project management is task management, but it's not everything. You'll realize how wonderfully easy it is to combine the two in . Only plan as much as necessary and use the great flexibility of the system to provide your team with exactly the functionality that best supports your processes.

Choose and combine agile and classic approaches. You don't just get a task board, but complete application logic for Scrum and Kanban. Allegra offers you everything: task board, sprints, backlogs, epics and user stories, burn-down charts, and team speed.


In contrast to pure task management software, with project management software you need to be able to map a hierarchical project or product structure. In addition, you must be able to define dependencies between work packages, such as predecessor-successor relationships.

Allegra offers you full support for team scheduling. You can specify desired dates and thus define a basic plan. You can easily visualize deviations between the base plan and the actual plan.


Resource planning

As a project manager, you need to know the utilization of the resources allocated to you. With Allegra you keep track of the availability of your resources both as a project manager and as a team leader. You can:

  • As a project manager, see the utilization of the resources made available to you
  • As a department or team leader, see the utilization of the resources subordinate to you
  • Receive a daily occupancy profile with marking of overloads and free spaces

With the help of base calendars and personal calendars for each employee, you'll always have an overview of the availability of your resources.

Milestone trend analysis

Allegra shows you early if there are deviations from the base plan. With the practical milestone trend analysis diagram, you can visualize how your milestones have shifted over time. You can react to this with appropriate measures.

Earned value method

Instead of relying on subjective percentages for the degree of completion, use the incorruptible earned value method for an objective determination of the project progress. Only when a task is completely completed will its Planned Value be added to the Earned Value. This is somewhat conservative, but it is absolutely reliable.

Traffic light diagram

With the help of traffic light diagrams, you can see the state of your projects in terms of on-time delivery, budget compliance, and quality in a highly compressed manner.  You'll be able to report to your superiors in a very short time and visually impress them with how each project is going.

Create reports

There are many  pre-made report templates that you can customize for your purposes:

  • The evaluations of the performance value method help you to identify deviations in deadlines and expenses at an early stage
  • The milestone trend analysis indicates deadline problems at an early stage
  • Reports on the utilization of your employees will help you to use them efficiently
  • Proof of performance for your customers   make it clear to them the effort they have caused
  • Burn-down charts and team velocity charts help you implement Scrum

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