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Plan and track projects effectively with Gantt charts.
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Plan and link tasks

With the help of the Gantt chart, you can effortlessly create your project plans and take account of task dependencies.

Compare the current plan with the original plan

You can compare the current plan with the original base plan at any time, so you can see immediately where something has shifted.

Detect critical path immediately

With the visualization of the critical path, you can immediately see whether a changed deadline affects deadlines of other tasks.

ascom task management software

Porject management with Gantt software

Manage your teams and track progress with interactive Gantt charts.

Allegra project planning software has all the basic Gantt chart functions and offers many other functions for team management. Work alone or create work areas for your teams. Define roles, assign tasks to team members, track project progress, and add attachments and comments. In addition, you can always share a Gantt chart with your colleagues and customers, and view and edit projects online.

Project planning with Gantt

With Allegra Gantt chart software, you can add another dimension to your projects - resource planning. You can assign resources to your Gantt chart and link them to specific tasks. Set the hourly cost of a resource and the time it takes to complete a task. Based on these numbers, Allegra immediately calculates task, group, and project costs.

Is your project looking too expensive? With the Allegra project planning app, you can reallocate resources and see how costs change.


Check the workload of your teams and make sure that nobody is challenged or has too many tasks. In Allegra, it is easy to assign tasks to team members according to their workload, not to overload them, and to motivate them with transparency and understandable performance. In the Gantt diagram, you can show the assigned agents at the beginning of each bar.

Define custom availabilities in the Gantt chart

Customize your projects by setting personal working days and days off for you and your team. Allegra automatically calculates the duration of your projects based on your calendars. You can define country-specific or project-specific base calendars with weekends and public holidays. Employees can report their days off or additional days available on their personal calendars. Time off is shown in the Gantt chart.


Agile Board

Do you need new opportunities to view your projects beyond a Gantt chart? In Allegra, you can switch to a board view in which each task is shown as a card in a relevant column. Our Gantt chart software gives you all the options to choose the most convenient way to work on your projects.


Comments and attachments

Work with your team using our Gantt chart software. Comment on tasks and add files to them - you don't have to switch between tools because all the important information is stored in Allegra.


You'll never miss anything with Allegra's  real-time notifications. Whether you have a new task or are mentioned in a task, whether a team member has made a change to a project, or your task is due tomorrow - you will always be notified in time.



Critical path in the Gantt chart and milestone trend analysis

When the critical path indicator is enabled, you will know all the tasks that directly affect the end date of your project. It also shows the most efficient way to complete your plan.

With the milestone trend analysis, you can quickly see whether your project is still on schedule or if there are deadline changes.

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Gantt Diagramm Tags

Es gibt eine Reihe unterschiedlicher Gantt Diagramme. Dazu gehört das original Gantt mit ausschließlich Balken. Eine weitere Gantt Variante ist ein Diagramm, bei dem links eine Work Breakdown Structure dargestellt ist.
Für die Anzeige von Abhängigkeiten vonT asks gibt es in vielen Gantt Diagrammimplementierungen die Möglichkeit, Task miteinander zu verknüpfen.

Ist das Gantt Diagramm noch zeitgemäß?

Dieses Diagramm nach Gantt erlaubt nach wie vor einen guten Überblick über den zeitlichen Ablauf des Vorgehens. Ein Diagramm ist im allgemeines übersichtlicher als eine text-basierte Beschreibung, und das Gantt Diagramm mach darin keine Ausnahme.

Das Gantt Diagramm im agilen Kontext

In Vorgehensweisen wie Scrum und Kanban spielt das Gantt Diagramm keine große Rolle.

Herkunft des Gantt Diagramm

Erfunden wurde das Diagramm ursprünglich von einem Polen, und danach von einem Amerikaner gleichen Namens.

Das Diagramm nach Gantt im Original

Das Original bestand aus einer reinen Balkendarstellung.